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Wilson – Right To Rise | Album Review

Its been two years since their debut LP , and Wilson are back with Right To Rise. With a whole bunch of new influences, you’re going to want to get in on this.

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Artwork

Sometimes, when you let the floodgates open (not the Enter Shikari kind), creative possibilities become endless and new ideas flourish. That’s exactly what Detroit quintet Wilson dared to try and the results are as opaque as…well, a freaking window pane.

Its been two years since their debut LP Full Blast Fuckery, and with a new strategy in toe, Wilson are ready to go from underdog to whole hog in a truly bombastic style. This is Right To Rise – a love letter to Detroit and the struggles of mankind.

Unlike most albums on the circuit today, the opener self-titled track bursts with energy from the get go. There’s none of this crescendo nonsense, its just straight up ballsy – its practically saying “here I am and what are you going to do about it?” Nothing, that’s what. Armed with gang vocals, edgy riffs and lyrics defiant to the city they call home, it sets the tone for an affirmative and re-energised band.

Whilst their first record packed all the rock goodness we crave, Right To Rise’s full member incorporation and creative synergy paves the way for influences that give it a touch of allure. ‘The Flood’ is a sassy blues infused number that would be suited to a detective show as a sexy cast took down a few bad guys.

Before taking that in, you’ve got other tracks to be surprised by. ‘All My Friends’ takes on an Alice In Chains vibe as its backing vocals ooze a hint of subtle grunge. Basically, its all about the fuzz, fuzz, fuzz.

If the track’s raw sound doesn’t do it for you, then lead single ‘Crave’ will. With a supercharged classic and modern rock friendship, it encompasses what this album embodies – and its just a tad bit bloodthirsty too as the vocals come right from the gut.

In essence, what this album does so cleverly is pluck influences across the rock n’ roll spectrum, but still embodying one sole message – being the underdog. For those who strive for greatness, but falter under the system the industry that’s the toughest out there – this album says it in one.

It doesn’t just say it though, it screams it through riffs hard as nails and vocals as passionate as they get. Wilson, we salute you.

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