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L’Oreal Wild Ombre Hair Dye | Beauty Review | March 2014

For all you brilliant brunettes out there, find out what we thought of L’Oreal’s Wild Ombre kit in our latest beauty review.

Source: L'Oreal

Source: L’Oreal

For all you brilliant brunettes out there that are getting rather bored of their natural -or not so natural- hair colour, L’Oreal have a simple solution for you to add some excitement into your life.

You may be thinking, “Ombre hair is sooo last season!” but you would be very mistaken. Ombre is a hair trend that has been around for a few seasons now, but it’s sticking like glue! A surprising amount of people are still rocking the trend, and there’s also a few more variations now from the L’Oreal Wild Ombre Collection to keep it fresh. The original blonde ombre has been followed by a copper shade and a gorgeous red as well, so there is absolutely no excuse.

The kit itself is pretty simple to use as it includes a great “expert brush” to help evenly spread the dye, which we would suggest hanging on to for future hair adventures.

When we say it’s easy to apply, it really really is! The instructions show you how to achieve the desired effects for each hair type but one major tip it doesn’t say in the instructions is, start from the bottom.

Apply the dye to the brush and cover the roots of each section then work your way up, or the ombre colour will be too intense at the top and not blend well for that gradual lightening look. After 45 minutes, we rinsed the dye out expecting brittle, dry hair but was pleasantly surprised how nourished my hair actually felt after and hour of harsh bleaching. Bonus!

All-in-all, we was ecstatic with the end product and would give L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombre a 5/5 – the only bad point is the bleach. It is so pungent, it even made my eyes water so make sure you’ve got waterproof mascara on ladies.

The model we used had very dark brown hair so we needed 2 applications from the blonde ombre kit, but you can get 2 for £11.00 from Superdrug. If you decide to give this gorgeous trend a go, let us know how you get on. We can’t wait to see how the red and copper look!

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