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We Introduce You to Sheffield’s Next Big Music Export Elegies And Their Brand New EP Daylight Disease

We review Elegies’ debut EP Daylight Disease, giving you an introduction to their music!

Source: EP Artwork

Source: EP Artwork

Sheffield has always been known to churn out some fantastic bands, be it the now massive Bring Me The Horizon, Rolo Tomassi or one of the most energetic live bands you’ll ever see While She Sleeps. Elegies, although sounding fairly different to the aforementioned bands are arguably the next big thing to come from the city of steel. When a band like Elegies emerge and give us a sweet little 3 track teaser to what they’ve got cooking what better way to introduce them by giving you a track by track run, taking you into the nit and gritty of each track.

Daylight Disease opens with ‘Throne’, a track that is melodic, yet harsh enough to give it a rough edge to their sound. ‘Throne’ is decidedly different enough to other melodic tracks to stand out from the crowd, kicking it straight into the sound, no build up, just a straight hit in the face with high pitched and almost droning guitar tones accompanied by hard hitting drum beats. Two lead vocalists Thomas Hoyland and Ben Jones complement each other nicely, creating a dual personality to the whole affair, and neither over shadowing the previous vocalists time in the spotlight.

Even though it doesn’t lose it’s rough edges, ‘Headache’ feels a lot more like a laid back affair and shows a glimpse of diversity in the band, combining a classic hardcore structure and hardcore overtones with a more mellow and settled affair. ‘Headache’ is certainly not a track that you’ll find yourself moshing too anytime soon, but it’ll definitely get a fair few individuals headbanging towards the tail end of the track, when the entire track peaks.

Cobweb Eyes’ is the closing offering, and the sign that Elergies are able to produce atmospheric, emotional and almost like an early Deftones, experimental-rock vibe. The overarching themes of the album, melodic undertones and the seamless mixture of harsh and clean vocals are ever-present, but what these three tracks have proved is that even within a very simple structure and a much defined theme you can offer very different tracks throughout.

As a taste of what is to come, Daylight Disease does its job impeccably giving you hints and pieces of what the band is capable of, if not ultimately feeling like an unfinished product. Yet, EPs are never advertised as such and only serve as a stop gap before a full length record is produced. Oftentimes the vocals can feel slightly drowned out with the backing vocals and become almost lost, but that doesn’t take away from what is still a good first offering from another of Sheffield’s fantastic new products.

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