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We Dissect Heel’s Debut Record ‘The Parts We Save’ | Album Review

Heel have released their debut record ‘The Parts We Save’ and we have dissected it track by track to give you a breakdown on what’s it like. Read more here.

Source: Album cover

Source: Album Artwork

Heel are more likely to be found having tea and crumpets with your grandma then in a strip club making it rain. The Londoners, who only have two EPs to their name, have dropped their debut record The Parts We Save. However, will it be a storm in a teacup or a lukewarm mug of milk to send you to sleep?

Any Apology – The bass runs riot providing an insatiable groove to what is an unassuming soft rock track. It is a little tepid, with even the solo failing to ignite.

Selfish Burn – This’ll make you shake what your momma gave you. The pace quickens and the rhythm gets tighter, allowing Margarita’s voice to be placed on a pedestal.

Yellow & Bliss – A shower of grit rains through washing out the pleasant rock of before. Riffs have more of a purpose and there’s an urgency that has been missing. A catchy ditty.

Nothing New – An apt title for a song that doesn’t break any new ground. WARNING: This record is rife with solos for the sake of it.

Shatter – With a voice that’s somewhere between Gwen Stefani and Becca Macintyre, Margarita’s skills are brought to the forefront again, backed by some infectious grooves by her band mates.

Cool – A laid back intro leads into a fidgety anthem that would fit into a 90s teen movie where the boy doesn’t get the girl. Awwww. Did we mention it’s by far the catchiest track?

Keep Running Back To Me – Dirty riffs and drumming akin to the start of a tribal war cry makes for an interesting listen. The party has officially started.

Live This Forever – A mosh worthy riff. Check. Catchy chorus. Check. Saving the belters until last. Check.

Fake Love – This is as balls to the walls rock as it is likely to get without offending anyone. While you’ll be singing “fake, fake. Fake, fake, love”, over and over, and over and over, again.

Streets Full Of You – No record would be complete without a one, and this ballad will make you projectile vomit it is so beautifully constructed.

The Parts We Save is no Usain Bolt. Starting out, the record is quite slow and predictable. It is only as Heel begin to gather pace, does their debut really come to life, making for a surprising finish. Better late than never.

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