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War Games – The Acoustic Sessions | EP Review

War Games have released an acoustic EP entitled The Acoustic Sessions. Check out what we thought about it!

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Massachusetts indie rockers War Games are better known for putting a bit more ‘rock n roll’ in to their performances than what they present with their latest EP, The Acoustic Sessions, but every now and then it’s a good idea for a band to strip down a little and give fans an insight in to what they’re really like underneath all the plugged-in, perfected material. The Acoustic Sessions is an offering of five brilliantly raw tracks by the quartet that is sure to serve as the perfect soundtrack for rainy days and chilled out evenings.

The first quaint track to be heard is ‘Don’t Lose Your Head‘, which is worlds away from the original version to the point where unless you pay your full attention to the lyrics, they could easily be mistaken as two different songs. Andy Calheta delivers a stunning vocal performance, and the intricate guitar parts sit well as you become enchanted by soft, sweet melodies. ‘The Only Debt We Bear Is Love‘ is a lot more upbeat than its predecessor while still keeping to the stripped down vibe. The addition of piano, drums and bass really brings an incredible kick that you wouldn’t find in anything traditionally acoustic, showing that War Games are no strangers to experimentation with their sound – and it really works to their favour.

Submerge Me‘ is almost too soft; it’s a track that at the beginning you have to listen to very carefully to catch what’s going on. Luckily the vocals expand, and soon enough you’re hanging on every word in what is one of those tracks you’d definitely bring the lighter out for. If you’re looking for a great addition to the playlist you use before bed, this is definitely it.

The final song, ‘Crashing Like A Wave‘, has definitely got the most fitting position on this EP. It’s the grand finale that all musicians want on their records, but very few manage to pull it off to the standard that War Games certainly have. The build up a minute in to the song and the gentle lyrics are to sure to make this one of your favourites on the EP, if not THE favourite, as War Games showcase that they are more than capable of wrapping up with a tune that’ll stick.

Sure, this EP is just a collection of stripped down tracks that the band has already released prior, but that doesn’t make it any less of a magical experience. As aforementioned, you can hardly compare the unplugged version to its counterpart, as they sound entirely different and it makes listening all the more exciting. Surely few artists are capable of performing so differently acoustically than they do plugged in so that the product is almost unrecognisable, but War Games can and it sounds remarkable.

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