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Violet – The Love/The Lust | Album Review

We review the debut album from hardcore sextet, Violet. Check out what we thought of “The Love/The Lust” here!

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Post-hardcore sextet; Violet, have been making somewhat of a name for themselves in the UK’s underground music scene since 2007. After a self-funded album and two EP releases, the band are just about to drop their debut studio album with Small Town Records. The forthcoming record, entitled “The Love/The Lust” isn’t due for general release until the 15th of September, but we lucky beans at Hit The Floor have got our hands on a copy and reviewed it just for you.

Hailing from Derbyshire, Violet take inspiration from a wide range of influences, setting their music apart from other UK metalcore and hardcore bands. Simply, the band refer to themselves as fans of passionate music, from metalcore to R’n’B. Whether that passion be in the form of an aggressive vocal or guitar riff or an undeniably catchy melody, it’s their appreciation of the aforementioned that they’ve tried to channel into this album.

Each track has it’s own unique feel, but the war between classic hardcore sounds, electro/synth touches and catchy, pop influenced vocal arrangements tie the album together as a cohesive piece of work. Although certain tracks lack a punchy chorus or unforgettable hook that instantly pulls you in, the album boasts some gems. Title tracks “The Love” and “The Lust”, for example, are easily identifiable as stand out numbers. “The Love” is an obvious sing-a-long anthem, blending upbeat guitar riffs with guttural, emotive screams to great effect. “…As Children” is another impressive piece of work; bringing a tasty mix of atmospheric synth flourishes, R’n’B influenced vocal arrangements and forceful, technical guitar hooks to the table with style.

The introduction to “Girls Like You” instantly takes you back to nights dancing tipsily with your friends in a packed nightclub, that is, just before then an influx of aggressive screams and pounding drums transport you straight into the crowd of a pulsing underground music venue. “Her” provides a slight reprieve from the up-tempo electronic influences, opening with a delicate guitar arrangement and husky vocals. This track isn’t quite as attention seeking as some of the others, providing the listener with a refreshing contrast to the rest of the record.

This album effectively demonstrates just why Violet appeal to such a wide range of music lovers. “This Love/This Lust” is a new and interesting take on the hardcore genre, featuring a mix of hard riffs, throaty screams, electro/synth elements, punishing percussion and melancholic instrumental reprieves on nearly every track. With such a wide array of influences and six band members, it would be easy to sound over-produced. For the most part, Violet avoid this pitfall by being infectious enough to drag the listener along with them. If you popped Issues, Memphis May Fire and Emarosa into a blender, the resulting concoction would give you a decent idea of what this record sounds like. On paper, that description reads as a fairly bizarre mash-up of sounds and genres, but I’ve got to say, it makes for a pretty enchanting listen.

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