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Victory Lane – Louder Than Words | EP Review

Brummy pop-punkers Victory Lane have just dropped their debut EP. See what we thought of Louder Than Words here!

Victory Lane - Louder Than Words

Source: EP Artwork

Brummy pop-punkers Victory Lane have just released their debut EP Louder Than Words, and it’s four tracks of pop-punk perfection; but unfortunately it does relatively little to set itself aside from the rest.

There’s categorically nothing wrong with this EP at all. If you love the fundamentals of pop-punk in its most basic state, with lots of woah-ohs, bouncy guitars and sugary vocals then this is an EP you just have to listen to. Victory Lane do what they do very well indeed. EP opener ‘Rainy Day’ is a great song. It’s happy and sad at the same time, with guitars rhythms that make you want to bop and drums that make you nod your head. ‘Who We Are’ sees the band take a different, more ballad-y direction which suits them very nicely. The powerful vocals and fairly beefy guitar riff make for very good listening.

The band released ‘Said And Done’ as a single with a music video, and this is arguably the strongest song on the record. It’s catchy, different and showcases a variety of different strengths in the band, and shows a more emo rock side. The vocals are very strong and stand-out as being something a bit different in this track; something which is quite hard to pick out in the other songs on Louder Than Words.

It’s always going to be difficult to present a up-and-coming pop-punk band through a four-track EP, and this is where Louder Than Words falls down a little. It can be hard for pop-punk bands to make something which stands out and is individual and identifies them in a sea of bands trying to do a similar thing. This is the problem with this EP; Victory Lane are a really good pop-punk band, and with their debut album we’re sure that they will show their true talent and ability, but as far as an EP goes, this is fairly same-y.

Victory Lane sound like a great band. They have nailed pop-punk, but with just four songs, it’s really hard to know what they might be capable of. We’re excited to hear more from them, and hope they keep evolving and growing into a force to be reckoned with in the competitive world of pop-punk.

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