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Vallenfyre – Splinters │Album Review

Here’s what we thought of Vallenfyre’s ‘Splinters’…

Credit: PR

Supergroup Vallenfyre – an extreme death-metal British band – were founded by Gregor Mackintosh (Paradise Lost’s chief songwriter-lead guitarist). Since forming in 2010, the band has repeatedly produced seriously heavy tracks comprising of catchy, pacey riffs and of course, deathly screams. Other members of the group that you might recognise, includes: Hamish Glencross on guitar (My Dying Bride), Scoot on bass (Extinction of Mankind/Doom) and Adrian Erlandsson on the drums (At The Gates/Paradise Lost).

Vallenfyre’s latest album ‘Splinters’ will not disappoint. The band have infused each song with heavy riffs, solid drum beats and a deathly scream, reproducing the same low, metal sounds across the 11 track album.

The Wolves of Sin starts with an instrumental introduction and advances into deathly vocals. A repetitive drum beat coincides with safe guitar riffs which turn playful at the height of the song.

Seriously heavy and fast, Cattle is one of the shortest songs taken from ‘Splinters’ but perhaps one of the most effective. Relentless drum beats and riffs build for the most part and launch the listener into the second half of the song perfectly. A slower half, nonetheless, a more teasing showcase of Vallenfyre’s instrumental abilities.

Aghast is a 5.15 minute song filled with low vocals, paused moments to enhance riffs and separated scream vocals. By separated, we mean that the Gregor screams for about 5 seconds, pauses and then returns to screaming. These pauses are what stands between a catchy track and a long, repetitive one. Although the instrumentation of Aghast peaks in parts, we think that if the song was shortened and vocals were comprised together, that the band would maximise the instrumentation, vocal and lyrical potential. Bereft is similar. Throughout the 7 minutes and 11 seconds, the emphasis primarily lays upon the instruments and stretched screams, as opposed to the lyrics.

Overall, the album is heavy, slow in parts and slightly repetitive but perfect for the Vallenfyre fan. If you like relentless riffs, heavy brees and playful instrumentation then you will undoubtedly enjoy the supergroup’s latest musical venture.

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