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Fearless Vampire Killers – Unbreakable Hearts | Album Review

Fearless Vampire Killers are ready to unleash their second album, Unbreakable Hearts, on the world- see what we thought of it right here!

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Lately, it seems as though Fearless Vampire Killers just don’t stop- whether it’s touring with Black Veil Brides, writing short stories about their music or creating their own social network, these five guys are always up to something. This time, they’re releasing their incredible new album, Unbreakable Hearts.

It can be tricky for bands to know where to go with their second album; should they stick with a tried-and-tested formula, or take their music in a different direction and explore new territory? Luckily, Fearless Vampire Killers have managed to juggle both the old and the new with Unbreakable Hearts. You only have to listen to tracks such as ‘Our Nature’s Unnatural’ and ‘Neon in the Dance Halls’ to hear how the band have developed their ear for catchy tunes and danceable choruses, or ‘Turn Your Heaven to a Tomb’ to notice the step up they have made in terms of clean, polished production, thanks to a little help from William Control. Not only have the band made some behind-the-scenes changes for Unbreakable Hearts, but there are adjustments dotted throughout the album that stare you straight in the face. For example, pop-punk isn’t a sound you’d often associate with a group of ‘goffs’, but the guitar riff of ‘In Wondrous Rage’ is nothing short of pop-punk gold, while ‘Batten Down the Hatches’ has a refreshing air of craziness and chaos in amongst the usual perfectionism of Fearless Vampire Killers.

But devoted fans have nothing to worry about as they’ve still managed to keep all of their best bits for Unbreakable Hearts. ‘Exploding Heart Disorder’ brings the unique narrative element of Fearless Vampire Killers to life (for those who aren’t aware, Unbreakable Hearts follows on the concept of their debut album Militia Of The Lost, and each track has its own individual story created by vocalist Laurence Beveridge, which you can find on the band’s social network Obsidian Bond), allowing the album’s story to blossom over a smooth bassline and creepily discordant instrumental. The haunting, melancholy tone of ‘Lucifer’s Shroud’ shows their much-loved dark side, while ‘Edge of Eternity’ and ‘Taste the Iron on Your Lips’ showcase the band’s flawless harmonies.

However, even the album’s stand-out moments- such as the infectious chorus of single ‘Maeby’, the truly beautiful vocals in ‘Brave the Night’ and the epic feel of ‘Unbreakable Hearts’- cannot compare to the album’s final track, ‘City Falls to Dust’. By this point, we have high expectations for album’s finale, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The delicate piano melody sets a fragile mood, matched perfectly by the impeccable, heartfelt vocals and dramatic harmonies. The song is overwhelming, both vocally and instrumentally, with powerful lyrics that would break even the hardest of hearts. It is a phenomenal track that creates an exceptional end to an exceptional album.

With that, Unbreakable Hearts is over, leaving you emotionally spent as the album has inevitably drained everything from you. It is exhausting, but in a brilliant, inspired way that only great albums can be.

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