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UK Tech-Fest 2014 | Live Review

So UK Tech-Metal Fest 2014 has come to an emotional end but we’ve got a lot to tell you!! Find out what happened over the weekend right here!!

So UK Tech-Fest 2014 has come to an emotional end already and after a weekend of brushing our teeth in the car, living out of a Cup a’ Soup box, drinking too much cheap coffee and having to change our sweaty clothes three times a day because it was just too god-damn hot. We are home, showered, settled with some more expensive java and ready to give you all the low-down on what happened and who happened.


Credit: Heidi- Charlotte Murray

Drewsif Stalin. Featuring Nikki Simmons.

The almighty Drewsif Stalin and his simply gorgeous co-star Nikki Simmons were our first treat of the weekend and as this is our first time here at Tech-Fest, they certainly knew how to welcome us. The combined mixture of Stalin’s technical genius, alongside Simmons’ breath-taking voice and stage presence, made for one hell of a performance, particularly the lucky gentlemen from security who had the not-so-taxing job of holding onto Miss Simmons as she launched herself onto the barriers to greet the audience. Smashing through a variety of songs that the two have written and worked on together, the chemistry was unmistakeable and refreshing. You can tell that they’re just getting started and have so much more that they want to bring to the table but they’re taking it easy, for now! Ending on none other, than their infamous cover of Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball,’ we can safely say that we’re geared up for not only the rest of the weekend but for hearing more from this dynamic duo.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Napoleon were unable to make this years Tech-Fest, however standing in their place were newcomers Terraform. Loosely labelling themselves as a progressive metal band, the six-piece from Birmingham have only been kicking around since 2013, but have already been making a name for themselves after selling out their first show, supporting Heart Of A Coward on their Severance tour at the beginning of this year and now they are here, taking on the main stage at Tech-Fest!

Now whether they were nervous or just not practiced enough, I felt that the boys let themselves down with their subdued performances of ‘Birth,’ ‘Negi Auras’ and ‘Paradox,’ .The three singles that have previously seen thousands of views on YouTube, leading listeners, including us, to expect a lot more from their live performance. However we like to give credit where credit is due, they brought forward quite a curious crowd and have done well to get where they are but they need to concentrate a tad more on their product, before they start selling it.

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