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Tyler Carter – Leave Your Love | EP Review

Issues’ frontman Tyler Carter is known for his cool fashion sense, and his soulful voice, we’re going to be discussing the latter since his debut solo EP just dropped! Check out what we thought of it!

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The highly anticipated debut solo EP from Issues’ frontman Tyler Carter, is finally here. The 6-song EP Leave Your Love, is the release we’ve all been waiting for.

In addition to vocals for Issues, the frontman has had a long history of doing covers, and releasing some great singles here and there, but this EP is Tyler’s first real solo release.

First track ‘Sophisticated’ features some tastefully placed electronic sounds, and Tyler’s typical soulful, smooth vocals. The song is more on the pop/R&B side, which helps brings the urban-pop elements into the EP. Think Chris Brown meets Justin Timberlake.

Title track ‘Leave Your Love’ has a slightly edgier, darker tone, and Tyler’s immaculate, soulful voice doesn’t fail to reach those Mariah Carey style high notes. The song also features a clap-a-long chorus, and unlike ‘Sophisticated’, the tone, and certain elements of the melody- especially the instrumental part- resemble those of an Issues track list. The juxtaposition of the gloomier tone, and Tyler’s striking vocals, gives the song that R&B/electro/rock mix, that only he can do. Throw some Drake in that equation too. ‘Leave Your Love’ has an all-consuming, grand presence on the EP.

Previously released ‘Georgia’ again has those electronic, synth-pop elements, and although it probably sounds like it never could work with Tyler’s vocals, it blends perfectly into an electro-urban-pop-soul ballad-type deal.

‘Tears on the Runway Pt 1’ is the prequel to Issues’ Part 2 (off of their self titled album), this version also features Nylo. The track is a much more stripped back song, featuring a solid beat, and a great chemistry between Tyler’s passionate, emotive vocals and Nylo’s soft voice.

Tyler Carter is a unique artist, and no matter what genre he is doing, who he’s working with, or what he is saying, he definitely gives the kind of passion, emotion, and versatility that is rare to find.

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