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Twilight -III: Beneath Tridents Tomb | Album Review

Twilight say goodbye with a collection of everything that is evil with shockingly intense final album.

Credit: Album Cover

Wait! Don’t run away just yet. Yes this band may be called Twilight but it couldn’t be any further away from sparkly vampires, broken hearted werewolves and sulking girls. This Twilight is a black metal supergroup and this is their third and, they say, final release III: Beneath Tridents Tomb.

I’ll be honest I have not heard of this band before and to say over their career they have featured members of bands such as Krieg, Leviathan, The Atlas Moth, Isis and even Sonic Youth amongst others, that quite surprised me. Twilight it seems have never played a live show, surrounded by secrets and have announced that they are splitting after each release. That leaves the question, is this really the end of the band? And will this ‘final’ release bookend and cement their legacy.

The album pulls no punches from the start. Opening track ‘Lungs’ pours out of the speakers like thick tar. It’s tense, it’s dirty, it’s nasty. Coming in at just under four minutes it’s also the shortest track here. This is followed up by ‘Oh Wretched Son’. You know when people have told you metal is the devils music? If ever that saying has been more apt, it is for this track. Actually for this whole album! Off kilter beats, industrial noise and fuzzing, scrawling guitar work, headlined by disjointed screams and shouts. It’s unrelentless and leaves you feeling somewhat dizzy.

‘Swarming Funeral Mass’ may be a slower affair but it is no less impactful and the results are the same as before just with a more ritualistic beat, it’s not long before you start to feel disorientated. It’s at this point I had to take a five minute break. This album is never going to be easy listening. It has been recorded with dense layer upon dense layer upon dense layer. It spills out like a joint cathartic release for all involved in bringing this record to life and the listener is hit by all this disjointed emotion at once and at times that can be quite daunting.

The distorted noise that opens up penultimate track ‘A Flood Of Eyes’ rattles around your head, beaten in further by a basic beat before a roar opens up the dredging depression. You have no idea where track is going to turn next, it continues to grow and contort and then you are left with the death rattle of final track ‘Below Lights’. Which ends this album the only way it can, by once again hitting you with a dark wave of moise and abuse.

Twilight have delivered here something here that at times can be a tough album to listen to but at the same time something very special. There is no denying that a lot of emotion went into this, all very dark ones and the results at times can be quite terrifying. Fans of black metal are going to eat this up and I can easily see it becoming a classic in the genre. If you are not that clued up on that whole scene, this may not be the best way to jump in, you may never recover.

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