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Turbowolf – Two Hands | Album Review

Finding yourself craving something a little bit different? Well check out Turbowolf’s new album, Two Hands. Here’s what we thought!

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Bristolian rockers Turbowolf are back with a bang a staggering 4 years after the release of their debut. The second studio release, Two Hands, has been titillating the senses of all us rock-zombies for a while now with a few singles, ‘Rabbits Foot’‘Solid Gold’ and ‘Nine Lives’ already earning their bones by destroying our tinnitus ridden eardrums all the more.

To cut straight to the point, this record has more energy than a pedigree Spaniel with a rocket up it’s arse. The mixture of electro and rock is enough to turn your brain to a gristly soup, and you’ll find yourself occasionally leaking from the earholes when your anatomy becomes a slave to the groove that Turbowolf deliver by force feeding you riffs through a giant twisty straw. Two Hands is bonkers in the truest sense, but that’s absolutely fine with us. This record is that weird kid you meet on the first day of school and you end up becoming bros for life.

Two Hands has effortlessly secured it’s place in our Summer 2015 playlist by simply being cool. C’mon you’re a pretty shit rock band if your not right? Even the band name is one for the books, you wouldn’t expect great things from Walkingpace-mole would you? But we’re getting a little off topic here. If you haven’t already check this album out as it’s sure to but a beaming smile on your face, oh and put in some earplugs, we don’t want you to make a mess.

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