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Turbowolf – 09/12/2014 – Camden Dingwalls | Live Review

Bristol hailed Turbowolf concluded their UK tour earlier this week at Camden’s Dingwalls. Find out what we thought here.

Source: Promo Image/Official Facebook Page

Supporting a band like Turbowolf is no easy feat. Locally based Empress AD decided to take that challenge and mould it in a progressive rock fury, and pretty much show that challenge two fingers. Right from the outset the quartet took you on a live rock juxtaposition, consistently swinging from an in-your-face riff off to clean elements. The crowd seemed as awe struck as we felt.

What was clear is that these guys are naturals and are effortlessly ambitious with the way in which they approach music. Material from their debut album Still Life Moving Fast features throughout, surprisingly consistently. You were never to know which way the songs would swing next, and this certainly kept us engaged.

Keep your eye out, because this is a band whose heavy live presence is one that isn’t going un-noticed.

After having a whirlwind year supporting the likes of the unstoppable Royal Blood, as well as slaying Download Festival, Bristolians Turbowolf have upped the anti one more notch by concluding their UK tour with a sold out Dingwalls set. With 2015, Groezrock and a new album in sight, there’s not much that’s going to stop this off-the-wall quartet.

What’s clear from the outset is that this band are nuts. ‘Ancient Snake’ sees the crowd plummet into a cascade of mosh pits and head bangs; almost acting as snakes themselves from the sheer scene of movement. You would have thought such a high-octane tour would have tired them out. Not a chance.

The set sees them bounce to and from fan favourites to new material from their upcoming release Two Hands. Whilst for many bands promoting new tunes can be overshadowed by their oldies, its not the case here. The crowd feed off Turbowolf’s barmy energy and respond with their own. Its no wonder why the ol’ media can’t categorise this band’s genre, as their music is as berserk as they are. You know what though, who cares?

As Dingwalls lays witness to 14 tracks of chaos, including an awesome MGMT cover as well as vocalist Chris Georgiadis leaping off the stage, the set’s finale ‘Let’s Die’ causes an eruption of an response. Turbowolf first and foremost make music for themselves, and it truly pays off. The night’s closer sees every member of the audience indulge themselves in the four-piece’s quirky music journey that is sure fire to continue for a very long time to come.

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