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Troye Sivan – WILD| EP Review

Troye Sivan continues to impress with his new sounds but how does Wild measure up? Read our review to find out.

Troye Sivan Wild

Source: Official Album Artwork

He may have the titles actor and YouTuber down on paper, but Troye Sivan can happily add the title singer with just as much confidence. In fact, new EP WILD stands as Sivan‘s fourth musical release and if title track ‘Wild‘ is anything to go by, it seems as if he’s going down his own path exploring sounds and sonics that we never could have expected.

Speaking of opening track ‘Wild‘, the tune begins with a children’s chorus chanting the song title, very much in the same vein as Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau’sChanges‘. The track explores the subject of a rebellious and exciting romance to airy electro-pop beats – building further on the experimental glory of breakthrough hit ‘Happy Little Pill‘. Next track ‘Bite‘ throws even more caution to the wind. Incorporating elements of dubstep and a grungy lullaby, Sivan perfects his eerier sound with his hypnotic, alluring vocals.

The young star’s vocals peak in the synth-poppy ‘Fools‘ but also excel in the mellower echoes of ‘Ease‘. In ‘Ease‘ particularly, the song-writing really translates with the combination of both Sivan and the voices of New Zealand duo Broods, concentrating on lyrics that relate to all whether it’s the obvious, i.e. relationships, or the more subtle messages of growing up and the enduring of new hardships.

Whilst ‘DKLA‘ does little to add to the six-piece EP (perhaps because it renders more indistinguishable with its rhythms compared to the preceding tracks), Troye breaks the silence with the heavy-production of ‘The Quiet‘, demanding our attention. Packed with lyrics evoking fear, youth, awareness and more, his music becomes a poetic platform that speaks miles when compared to how he does when he vlogs.

On the whole, Sivan has delivered an accomplished EP and it may not be soon before long until he’s making headlines with even more innovative, unheard sounds. Now at EP number four, the only lingering question is the release date of an entire album. Soon, we hope!

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