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Trivium – Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio | Album Review

‘Ember To Inferno: ‘Ab Initio’ is the 7th addition to Trivium’s arsenal and it’s certainly got people talking. Read on to find out what it’s all about.


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Ember To Inferno – Ab Initio is the brand new release from Trivium which offers fans the chance to listen to the bands long lost but definitely not forgotten debut album Ember To Inferno. ‘Ab Initio‘ which means ‘From the beginning’ in Latin, highlights the nostalgic journey that the album takes you on, as it reminds you just why Trivium are where they are today by revisiting tracks such as ‘Pillar Of Serpants’ and ‘Requiem,‘ both of which set the bar at it’s highest point for what we were to expect from the band in future.

The Floridian metallers have spent some time kicking up dirt and making a name for themselves and now thirteen years on, they are still considered as one of the flagship bands of modern day metal. The debut of Ember To Inferno caught everybody’s attention, including the likes of a few A&R reps at Roadrunner Records, who rapidly signed the band, allowing them to go on to produce an arsenal of successful records, including the firm and all time favourite Ascendancy.

Vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy said: “The purpose of this release is to show the very early beginnings of TRIVIUM. Perhaps an era unbeknownst to most listeners of the band and to look back at Ember’ as the starting point of us becoming recognized worldwide is a staggering thought for me, considering I was 16-17 years old during the writing and recording of the record. As a kid, I always said the ‘goal’ was to be in a massive metal band. I don’t think I actually knew what it would mean to have fans in different parts of the world, and I still can’t believe people care so much that they actually want to hear the music that pre-dates our Roadrunner years. To this day, I am still completely blown away that people are singing words to songs I wrote when I was 16 years old. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Listening to this record again, is just as exciting as it was the first time so if you want to travel back in time, head over to the personalized music site right HERE! and choose your platform poison or better yet, just dig it out from under your bed, if of course, you were lucky enough to have bought it the first time around.

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