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Triverse Massacre With Bared Teeth And Truth – | EP Review

Carlisle’s death metal bruisers Triverse Massacre have released a blistering new EP. Find out what we thought right here.

Credit: EP Artwork

Credit: EP Artwork

Triverse Massacre are a fearsome fivesome based in Carlisle. Their newest EP, With Bared Teeth And Truths is four tracks of furious death/thrash metal crossover that hits you like a punch to the larynx.

Opener ‘Wolves At The Gates’ kicks in with some eerie, uncomfortable soundscaping before a lumbering, chugging riff fades in with some seriously dense tone. Things build up into a more up-tempo section with some rabid snarled vocals and some nice kick-drum patterns before breaking down into a pig-squealing, pinch harmonic ridden middle, before the pace picks back up, led by the nose with some blastbeats into a nice sleazy guitar solo.

‘Exhale Betrayal‘ has an intense, thrashy, almost Slayer-like pace, with galloping bass drums and shredded guitar lines before dropping into another blast-beat section. It’s relentless and leaves the listener breathless, with some tasty and dizzying riff progressions. Liam Clark’s high/mid vocals are absolutely raw, impressively caustic and shrieking, and leave his guttural lows seeming a little lackluster in comparison.

‘Bullets Kill Beasts’ is a change of pace, with a sombre, reflective guitar line overlayed with militaristic snare drums that expand out into an epic, spacious held-chord section that is fucking ace. This then drops into more thrash territory, galloping bass drums and tremolo picked guitars. There’s a positive, rebellious tone that’s carried throughout this track, and the stop/start middle eight section with call and response vocals is glorious stuff.

Closer ‘Torn From The Throne’ instantly kicks in with relentless double kick drum work, and some really prominent and deep grooving basslines from Dan Fisher. The vocals are savage, but perhaps layered and timed a little awkwardly over the riff-heavy track. There’s some dizzying, atonal guitar work before a chugging, grunting passage that lapses into a bass/drums/screams only bit that is well executed to say the least.

This is a great little snapshot of a band mixing it up and forging their own take on the tried and tested Death/Thrash formula. Although a slight over-reliance on blastbeats, vocals occasionally being too high in the mix and its brevity are sore spots, it is well worth a listen regardless of these slight rough edges.

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