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Trash Boat – Look Alive | EP Review

See what we think of the debut release from new British punk rockers Trash Boat right here.

Credit: Facebook

Trash Boat are a small British punk band, who, despite only forming at the beginning of the year, have already got an EP ready for release in June. For such a short amount of time, they have really done themselves proud.

The opening track gives more than enough reason to continue listening to the rest of the EP. It starts relatively slow for a punk song before a short bass solo (something you don’t hear nearly enough of) leads in to the fast paced punk. The overall sound of the band is reminiscent of early blink-182, with a relentless, fast drum beat and a rough, punk guitar line.

The vocals in the second song, ‘Boneless’, seem to echo Rise Against. The tempo varies in this song, with slightly more mellow verses, picking up for the pre-chorus and chorus itself. This variation is always a good thing, keeping you interested and engaged in the music. The bridge brings in another vocal line, singing harmonies, which again are a reminder of blink-182. The song ends brilliantly, with a blunt, finite guitar chord.

The third track, the shortest on the album, has a slightly heavier spin than the others. The verses have some very harsh, shouted vocals, while the music remains very punk. The chorus’s where the vocals are more melodic have the same punk sound as The Offspring.

The closing song takes us back to the same vocal sound as the first two tracks, although the drums take a mostly slower speed. It is a great track to end on, with another blunt punk finish, the way all songs should end.

This EP holds great promise for Trash Boat, who are a great addition to the British punk scene which needs some new life pumped into it. Hopefully, these guys will go far, bringing some more attention to the scene.

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