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Tiger Army – V ••• | Album Review

It has been 9 long years but you may feel you have been waiting decades longer as Tiger Army deliver an album of rock n’ roll perfection.

Album Art

Album Art

It may have taken nine years but 2016 sees the return of the one and only Tiger Army with their fifth album of filthy Punk Rock N’ Roll V•••’. A lot of people have been waiting a long long time for this, now the question is was it worth the wait? There is only one way to find out and that is to give it a spin.

Good news Tiger Army soldiers! This is a very apt 13 songs that have been worth the wait. After an intro made up of fuzzed distortion, an almost military snare crack and a deep dirty riff we crash into gear with ‘Firefall’ and as frontman Nick 13’s trademark droll rattles through those speakers you know everything is going to be just fine.

This album is not a race to the finish, this is an album of rock n’ roll that harks back to the sounds of yesteryear. A time of quiffs, turned up collars, grease, combs and flick knifes. ‘Prisoner Of The Night’ has a groove that will make lovers dance close but there is a certain darkness and danger in the undertone which always makes you remember to keep your eyes and ears peeled as who knows what lurks in the shadows.

With a band like Tiger Army there is no hiding behind bells and whistles. There is know walls of drop down distortion and screams. This is music at it’s most stripped back, guitar, upright bass, basic drum set, vocals, sure you may get the odd keys or mariachi type trumpet, as best displayed on the track ‘Knifes Edge’, but with a band like this it has to be all about the skills of the songwriting and still today, they always have, Tiger Army just ooze great songs.

‘Devil Lurks ON The Road’ shows the effortless cool the band have in spades. A rockabilly stomp drives the track from start to finish whereas ‘Happier Times’ has a dark sexiness which can’t help but make the body move and slide. ‘Train To Eternity’ almost hits the world of Country & Western but, before you run to the hills , we aren’t talking Shania Twain or Garth Brooks. A cool track that makes you vision dust clouds and travelling along the trail and through an old ghost town is the ol’ west.

‘In The Morning Light’ closes up the album on fine form with a slow burn builder that grows and builds into something beautiful before easing the listener in to silence. What you are left with is an absolute killer album. Sure it is less punk rock but it loses nothing by going down the more laid back route. As we mentioned earlier it leaves you with an eerie feeling of danger throughout. Yes there is beauty but you can’t help feeling it masks something much more sinister. An all round great listen, well worth the wait and now we just have to hope they tour here soon!

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