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The Story So Far – The Story So Far | Album Review

The Story So Far are back with their 3rd self-titled album. Read here to see what we thought.

The story so far

Source: Album Artwork

The Story So Far are back with their third studio album and pop-punk lovers are excited to see what the band still has to offer.

And you will not be disappointed, because the album has come out right in time for summer, shown brilliantly with the opening track ‘Smile’. The beat is a classic punk explosion, upbeat with an estranged vocal that sings out honest truth. A feel-good track that we think would be perfect for a summer road trip and a loved one in mind.

However, the tone quickly changes with ‘Heavy Gloom’. The main charm of this track is that it manages to sing about the bad days, but yet make it seem like the gloom will soon pass and everything will eventually be ok. On a similar note, ‘Distaste’, the albums stand out track, has got the perfect combination of catchiness juxtaposed with a feeling of misplacement and being let down. The tracks hook carries you through and you can’t help but simply love it.

This balance of happy and sad doesn’t always seem to work though and track ‘How You Are’, while maintaining a similar style, seems to tackle it in a way that doesn’t quite work. However, the band still retains their honesty and story telling.

All is regained though with the first single from the album, ‘Nerve’, which keeps hold of the albums message of getting through the bullshit and holding yourself together.

Furthermore, there are short, simple pleasures such as ‘Phantom’, which is a truly beautiful, cutting track that will speak to many listeners. It slows the tone down immensely with wonderful strings and a slow beat, and really touches a sentimental issue of being haunted by what, or who, you cannot leave behind.

As the album comes to an end with ‘Scowl’, the attitude is finally turned to positivity, deciding to move beyond the bad days, and start making the story a better one.

Overall The Story So Far have not let fans down.They have mastered their sound and they have not faltered in playing skill or musical honesty. There’s a lot of that lacking in the generic pop-punk scene but this album will give you some heartfelt, comfort music.

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