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The Ready Set – I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love | Album Review

The Ready Set has combined the sounds of so many artists his new album is like a tribute to modern music. Find out whether or not he pulled it off here.

the ready set

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The Ready Set seriously blurs genre lines with his new album I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love. This genre-bending is achieved by the sheer amount of places sole member Jordan Witzigreuter seems to draw his influences from. The overall sound this collection of styles emits is one classier than Metro Station, stretching towards The 1975 at times even if it never quite matches them.

Disappearing Act‘ and ‘Run With Me‘ are the two tracks that close the gap with The 1975 the most. Their sound is mostly produced by distinct drum beats and rhythms which are evident in the aforementioned songs. It is also these tracks that hit closest to the rock genre, largely due to their reliance on drums and repetitive guitar strums, rather than heavily synthesised sounds.

There is a true variety within the songs on this record. Each one has a distinct sound, some with vocal moments echoing Kellin Quinn, some with tones reminiscent of Panic! At The Disco, and a few that hold similarities to some of Justin Bieber‘s recent work. There’s even a little rap on the title track.

The best example of variety comes from ‘Concrete‘. The verses very much follow the rhythmic patterns of All Time Low‘s ‘Just The Way I’m Not‘, while the pre-chorus sounds more like Miley Cyrus. The synth brings yet another layer, and it’s one of pop vibes, with a reflection of similar sounds in Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean?

Closing song ‘See You‘ mellows and calms things down before wrapping the record up. It’s so soft and beautiful and has vocal moments not unlike those of ‘Come Home‘ by OneRepublic, it’s a nice way to wrap up such a busy album full of pop synthesisers.

This mix and match approach can be a bit hit and miss though. While variety is a good thing (no-one wants to bore their audience) there is the odd track where it feels like there’s a little too much going on; you’re so busy trying to work out why that one bit sounded so familiar, that you can miss the actual essence of what The Ready Set is trying to do. When he gets the balance just right though, like with the single ‘Disappearing Act’, it really works.

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