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The Maine – The Paramount, Huntington, New York – 18/03/2016 | Live Review

The Maine’s performance in New York brought tears to the eyes of some of their most loyal fans. Find out what else happen and flick through our gallery here.

Sara Feigin (

Source: Sara Feigin

The girls standing at the barricade are talking in hushed tones about what songs they hope The Maine play as their roadies set up the stage. A small group of them are discussing how they had been waiting in line to see them since 7AM.

As the band takes the stage, the girls who were so calm and collected a few minutes prior, are screaming their heads off; one of them is even crying. The Maine, a rock band from Arizona, have been touring across America since they formed in 2007. While their music has changed over the years, from Myspace scene kids’ most played artist to that band your dad asks you to put on during road trips, their fanbase’s dedication to them has not faltered one bit.

Singer, John O’Callaghan,  graces the stage holding an acoustic guitar. The guitar signals to fans that they will be beginning their set with ‘Into Your Arms. The Maine’s set starts at a slow burn while O’Callaghan is a skilled guitar player, he is a very energetic frontman, and having the guitar in his hands holds him back. After the first two songs, O’Callaghan drops the guitar and begins his reign as charismatic frontman. O’Callaghan has gone from a singer who would face the drummer during most of the set, to frontman who interacts with the crowd and his fellow bandmates. The rest of the band, bassist Garrett Nickelsen, guitarists Jared Monaco and Kennedy Brock, and drummer Pat Kirch, all own the stage and quickly get lost in the music. Nickelsen and Monaco are holding their own on stage left. Nickelsen, the more energetic of the two, runs back and forth across the stage, constantly trying to engage the crowd and his fellow bandmates.

Source: Sara Feigin

Source: Sara Feigin

It has been a tradition for quite some time now for The Maine to bring up, at least, one fan to sing ‘Girls Do What They Want with O’Callaghan. This evening for some reason two fans of The Maine’s co-headliner, Mayday Parade, were brought up along with a girl who was so excited to be on stage she was shaking. It was a bit hard to watch, as the boy brought on stage completely butchered the song. It was all worth it to see the lone The Maine fan on stage be as ecstatic as she was. When the song finished, the fans were escorted off the stage, and O’Callaghan addressed to the crowd as to let the rest of the band recover from the fan participation segment. The rest of the night moved along without a hitch, O’Callaghan’s smile never left his face throughout the night.

Their set was over an hour long, and they played a vast array of songs, from their debut LP, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, all the way up to their most recent release, American Candy. The crowd was very happy with the song selection, and it seemed as though The Maine fans from every era were happy with the setlist; which isn’t a very common occurrence with bands that have catalogs as big as theirs. The Maine will finish up The American Lines tour on the 2nd of April in Las Vegas, after which they don’t have any touring plans as of now. Be sure to check them out if you’re in the States, and keep an eye out for more tour dates from the band in the future.


the maine

Source: Sara Feigin

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