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The Lounge Kittens – Just The Tip | EP Review

The Southampton based trio bring their own brand of hilarious harmonies to the party with this six song EP. Find out what we thought here.

Source: Official Artwork

Source: Official Artwork

When it comes to musical parody, there’s a definite danger of the novelty wearing off. Sure, that Weird Al or Richard Cheese song is hilarious, but can you sit through the whole album? Do you even OWN the album? Probably not. The Lounge Kittens fall into a similar musical space, but while they possess the same tongue in cheek take on music, they are just really fucking good.

Just The Tip offers you six covers of famous, popular rock and metal tracks (and Sean Paul). The trio, comprised of Jenny Deacon, Timia Gwendoline and Zan Lawther, change up each track with minimal instrumentation (just a piano, the odd finger click, and three voices) but still manage to pay homage to each of the originals. (And Sean Paul).

First track ‘Party Hard’ (originally by Andrew W K) maintains the same up-tempo, good time vibe with some truly lifting, rebellious tones on the chorus, and some brilliant ‘vocal guitar solo’ work. Second track ‘Duality’ (original by Slipknot, duh), is more somber and restrained than the previous (and than the original, of course) but showcases some beautiful, fragile harmonising.

We’re going to skip track three and come back to it. You’ll see why. Fourth up is ‘Rollin” (Limp Bizkit), which features some brilliant piano work, alternating between slightly manic and upbeat polka, and also includes a fantastically ‘rap’ break and filthy language that just seems a bit wrong in this context. The ladies render Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’  into a moody, soulful sort of tango, and proves they’re just as adept at the slow stuff as the faster numbers.

Rounding things off is a jazzy version of Steel Panther’s ‘Glory Hole’ ,  and let us tell you, hearing three well spoken ladies sing about having their ‘cocks’ sucked will never, ever get old. It’s definitely a little more tongue in cheek (or elsewhere) than some of the others, but the slower, almost operatic way they sing about ‘soiling your pants’ is just amazing.

Oh yeah, Sean Paul. Track three, simply entitled ‘Seanapaul Medley’ is possibly the best thing you’ll cram into your ear holes this year. We challenge anyone not to crack a smile while the ladies croon a selection of his finest hits, from ‘Get Busy’ to ‘Like Glue’, this is probably the perfect summary of what The Lounge Kittens are all about. Original takes on favourite tracks, with a twist, and absolutely flawless vocal harmonies.

They also manage to make Sean Paul listenable, so that’s an achievement in itself. If this is Just The Tip, we’re gagging for more.

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