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The Karma Party – Illumination | EP Review

The Karma Party have just released their new EP ‘Illumination.’ Check out what we thought of it right here!

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With the world in an ever-increasing state of turmoil, the time is unfortunately right for bands with a political edge and ethical message to start rising to the top of the pile. Step forward The Karma Party and their new EP ‘Illumination,’ now featuring new guitarist James Routh of Sonic Boom Six. 

Hailing from the armpit of Great Britain, Blackpool, these four outspoken lads wire questions into social consciousness and demand answers from our very government, in a way that is both musically intriguing and socially powerful. Here’s what we thought of their latest endeavour:

‘World War’ is the first song on the EP, introducing us to some serious Science-Fiction sound effects but some grade A melodies and lyrics sharper than knives. With a mixture of both Pop and Rock, this single boasts the line ‘We Are The People, We Are The Power,’ calling listeners to work together and stand up for change, which let’s be honest, isn’t the worst message to send and not the worst song to learn it from.

Following suit is the track ‘Under Surveillance’, starting off with the most brilliant Nintendo-influenced little solo, which makes an appearance throughout, this song is slightly grittier than the last, with a punk element in the fierce lyrics, giving this song a definite edge. Much like the single ‘Democracy’, which oddly displays influence from Rage Against The Machine, Pendulum and The Streets. The straight up London accent that is accentuated throughout reminds us of Mike Skinner, the down and dirty guitars in the second verse are hard to not be compared to Rage Against The Machine and finally, the randomly placed but beautifully pulled off sound effects, closely resemble Pendulum. It’s like three sweet presents all at once.

The Penultimate track ‘End Of An Empire’ has led us to decide that we really love this band. They’re trying to change the world, whilst having a damn good time and bringing us along for the ride. Who can argue with that? The vocals on this song aren’t the strongest but the inclusion of a mini-ballad alongside a Piano at two minutes and forty seconds in, followed by a brief explosion of more Sci-Fi effects, make us aware that their not trying to out sing Whitney Houston, they’re just trying to get their point across.

Lastly, ‘Illumination’ is our easy favourite. The most layed back of the entire EP and this time, with more of a Reggae, Pop vibe, showing us a completely different side to this already multi-coloured band. However, the erruption of aggression in a very metal ending was unexpected but worked amazingly well, rounding off our first opinion that this song is our favourite.

It’s not often that political bands make much of an impact but we reckon The Karma Party are about to put up one hell of a fight and we are behind them 100%.

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