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The Ghost Inside – Dear Youth | Album Review

Los Angeles quintet The Ghost Inside are set to release their fourth album Dear Youth later this month. Find out what we thought here!

Source: Album Cover/Official Facebook Page

Lets face it, it doesn’t take an Einstein to realise that The Ghost Inside have it alright at the moment, and by that, we mean pretty darn good. This Los Angeles hailed quintet are currently gallivanting around the UK with our home grown heavy metal heroes Asking Alexandria. Above all of that, the band are set to tour the US shortly after with a line-up so stella you wouldn’t quite believe it. But in the mix, they’re set to release their fourth album, Dear Youth. Busy enough yet, guys? This might seem like your musical fairytale, but when digging deeper, they’re forthcoming release hits on a note ever so profound.

The album opens with ‘Avalanche’, literally. Aggressive screaming hits you: full of hell-bent attitude, as the rocks of drum beats begin to plummet in sync with an addictive bass line. Its a bold statement filled with intent to begin the album’s contextual story. Its aims to talk to a person’s younger self, and is scattered throughout the album’s poignant lyrical content.

From the outset too, it becomes evident of the influences this band have built their sound upon. Co-produced by A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon; we probably could have guessed this without even finding out for ourselves. ‘With The Wolves’ and its partner ‘Mercy’ link together like two tracks on For Those Who Have Heart. Whilst we love this melodic hardcore style, it becomes somewhat frustrating at times as it feels like you’re not listening to a solely The Ghost Inside album.

But, we have to forgive the guys, because their musical architecture and foundations aren’t to be shied away from. ‘Phoenix Flame’ is undeniably one of the album’s highlight. Its a tender touch that is a breathtaking touching note to the record’s hard exterior. The vocals are subtle, carried by a delicate clean guitar sound. Have no fear though, this album still packs plenty of binary, binary and well, more binary. ‘My Endnote’ dips its toes into a devilish pool of heavy hardcore fury. There’s no doubt that this track would be the ultimate pit starter live.

So, what do we ultimately think? The Ghost Inside ooze talent. From their ability to work together in flawless harmony, to vocals powerful, brutal and beautiful, Dear Youth has ‘got it’, as the saying goes. We just wish the influences from elsewhere weren’t so heavily obvious through the production of the overall album. But, we can’t complain too much as its hard to refuse this album’s confidence and sincerity.

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