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The Blackout – Wolves | EP Review

The Blackout have released their new EP, ‘Wolves’ via Kickstarter. Find out what we thought of their new release!

Source: Official EP Artwork

It’s not an unfair assessment to say that The Blackout had dropped off the radar a bit after their last album release, Start The Party. Sure it had its fair share of decent songs, such as the title track and ‘Radio’, but overall it didn’t hit the right chords with people, and certainly didn’t reach the same level of hype that the likes of The Best In Town and Hope achieved. It’s quite apparent that the band have realised this, and have now decided to jump start themselves again with their new self-released EP, Wolves.

The whole EP was funded by the fans, through the ever popular Kickstarter. Love it or hate it, Kickstarter has helped a number of bands make themselves a bit more personal with their fans. Now, you have the ability to help fund your favourite band’s progress, and it means you as the fans help promote exactly what you want from them. Recently we’ve had examples from the likes of Glamour of the Kill doing the same as The Blackout, attempting to kick start their career back into life, and similar sites have helped up and coming bands like Glasgow rock band DIVIDES get off the ground.

Wolves is a bit of a mixture of sounds, tastes of what they’ve produced in the past, but overall there’s the distinct sense of classic Blackout here. ‘Wolves’, the title track, for example is a lot more of the more recent, vocally melodic, crowd chanting, tracks they’ve done with just this time with a slight edge to the sound, just lingering in the background. Whereas ‘Liars’ is certainly the heavier sound that we were used to back in The Best In Town.

EPs aren’t created to be as concise as an album; it’s a short taster for what you’ve got to look forwards to. The Blackout have certainly whet our appetites here. Wolves is a very exciting prospect, and you get the feeling the band’s moving back to what made them popular and hopefully moving on from there. We don’t need the pop-party tunes, let’s have more of what we love, the part melodic, yet edgier welsh screams. Overall, it’s not the best we’ve ever heard from The Blackout, but it is definitely moving in the right direction.

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