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The Adicts – And It Was So! | Album Review

Is the new album from The Adicts what you’d expect from a classic band? Find out here.

the addicts

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It’s been five years since The Adicts last album and four years since they last released a single, so And It Was So! is clearly an album heavily anticipated by many. Despite being a band since 1975, The Adicts are still very much on the scene.

And It Was So! reflects the band’s past to a tee. Just one listen and it’s easy to tell that this is a band that has emerged from 80s punk rock and they have no plans to change their sound. The album consists of catchy melodies and relatable lyrics – ‘Talking Shit‘, for example could be the anthem for any former emo kid and is almost an old-school punk rock take on the type of music normally produced by bands like Simple Plan or Good Charlotte. An anthem to angsty teens everywhere indeed.

Although the album is strong overall, the first six or so songs almost blend into one. Each sounds extremely similar to the last and no songs really stand out from the first half of the album. By the second half, the release picks up a little, with ‘Gospel According To Me’ andI Owe You‘ offering a little more depth. The album still slips into a few mediocre songs in its second half, but, as a whole, tracks six onwards are a lot stronger than the first half of the album.

One thing about And It Was So! is that it doesn’t take a genius to realize that listening to it at home through your speakers doesn’t do it justice. Here, most songs slip into one continuous song with little standing out. But, like all old school punk rock, put the band on a stage and get them to perform the album live and your opinion will no doubt change entirely.

With the right atmosphere, the punk attitude and the feeling of live music, this album would stand out a lot more. Still, it’s good for easy listening and offers a few memorable tracks.

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