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Surrender The Coast – Lost Souls | Album Review

Leicester metalcore band, Surrender The Coast are releasing a new album, and it’s literally bursting with heavy, it’s brilliant!

Source: Album Art

Source: Album Art

Snigger and sneer all you want, but we all know that you love a good bit of metalcore every now and then. Well luckily for you, Leicester brutes Surrender The Coast have got a new album on the way, and damn it’s good.

The new record Lost Souls is balls to the wall heavy from start to finish blasting out beastly, strip the skin from your throat vocals, insane guitar work and an overall savage atmosphere. Surrender The Coast have a lot of the same qualities as fellow UK metal heads, While She Sleeps. Their tracks have so much energy! From the get go with ‘Aurora Skies’ we’re hit with a absolute killer of a riff, courtesy of guitarist Dave Griffiths, which is perfect for mindlessly banging your head or fuelling an insane mosh pit. Metal.

Lead singer, Andy Connelly’s vocals are first class. Loud, brutal but above all, consistent! This guy just doesn’t quit, the amount of raw power he has to offer is mind-blowing. The new ‘mini-album’ as they put it, isn’t just one mad head rush from start to finish though. ‘Thrones’ is much slower and more sinister. The diminished guitars and eerie bass notes, are (no other way to say it) fucking creepy.

There is no better feeling as a music fan than, when you are surprised at how good a new album is. That feeling that fuels you, makes you smile, gets you pumped. Lost Souls does all of those things. Big ups to the lads in Surrender The Coast for giving us an all out mosh-fest to kill some aggression with. They’re also heading out tour with UK beasts Lock & Key this march. Show Europe what the UK is capable of boys.

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