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Storm The Sky – Permanence | Album Review

This is the debut album from Australia’s Storm The Sky. Find out our verdict here.

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Permanence is the debut album from Australia’s Storm The Sky, a band who have been making waves with the word of mouth success of 2013’s Vigilance EP. There have been some pretty big metal bands coming out of Australia over the past few years with the likes of The Devil Wears Prada, In Hearts Wake and The Amity Affliction. If you think along those lines, that’s the ballpark Storm The Sky are playing in. They offer up tightly produced metalcore with dual clean/screamed vocals and some electronics bleeps and blips for good measure.

There’s no two ways about it – on paper it’s a played out formula. OpenerAlive does a good job of standing out from the crowd. The wall of thick, distorted guitars provides the foundation for a synth melody that’s actually catchy, and it doesn’t end there. The clean vocals in the verse work well and do a good job of knitting the track together, easing the transition between light and heavy sections that can feel clunky in the hands of other bands.

Same Graves treads a lot of well worn metalcore ground, whileIf I Go is an atmospheric slow burner with a nod towards some post-rock soundscapes. There’s plenty of variation to be found across the ten tracks of Permanence, which makes for a surprisingly listenable record. The major problems with the album are problems that face the genre as a whole – robotic sounding processed drums and a songwriting formula with few surprises left in it. For a style that feels less relevant by the day, Storm The Sky prove it’s not ready to die just yet.

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