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Stick To Your Guns – Better Ash Than Dust | EP Review

‘Better Ash Than Dust’ is the new EP from melodic hardcore outfit Stick To Your Guns. Find out why we loved it here!

Stick To Your Guns

Source: EP Artwork

Sparks are flying from Stick To Your Guns politically charged EP Better Ash Than Dust. It’s fierce overbearing sense of disillusionment allows it to be quintessential unapologetic hardcore at its very best. Complacency just won’t cut it anymore – Stick To Your Guns are putting you face to face with a brutally self-destructive world, stifled with discrimination and intolerance and empowering you to speak up against it. By using their voice to instil a sense of urgency, they’re deterring people from continuing to blindly follow the passive masses. It’s a call to action, not a call to arms – so don’t turn your back, be assertive and do what you can to make the world a better place.

Motivational opening track ‘Better Ash Than Dust’ tries to ignite outrage and encourage you to stand up for something. As an explosion of angst, the EP sets out to shake you and open your eyes to the horrors unfolding before you, and the impassioned chorus showcases how adamant they are about making a change.

You can feel the red raw wrath burning off of Chris Rawson and Josh James’ thrashing riffs in ‘Universal Language’ – a track that features guest vocals from Counterparts’ Brendan Murphy. Specifically targeting those who abuse their authority, Jesse Barnett yells “when violence is the only language this world comprehends” and “constant state of brutal aggression and total devastation” to draw attention to issues like police brutality. Instead of speaking up when it’s too late, they want to stomp on our apathetic tendencies and bring justice to victims of senseless violence.

Stick To Your Guns have no time for homophobes, fascists or racists and ‘No Tolerance’ establishes their sheer hatred of intolerance. George Schmitz’s drum parts gather strength before the track erupts into an open outpour attacking discrimination and marginalisation. Their standpoint is clear – and it’s difficult to resist rallying alongside them.

Their frustration is apparent in ‘The NeverEnding Story’ as Barnett yells “just give a fuck about something”. The opening rumble of Andrew Rose’s bass riff and the huge catchy hook make the track a call to action – they’re rallying the masses together to stand against injustice. The anguish in Barnett’s pleas is clear – they’re exasperated by the world’s nonsensical way of dealing with things.

‘The Suspend’ provides an impressive end to a short but potent EP. The message it carries is critical and “I’ll give until I’ve got nothing left” encapsulates the commendable ethos of Stick To Your Guns in a nutshell. Brutal riffs and huge hooks aren’t what make it most impressive. It’s the lyrical openness that wins us over – they’re not holding anything back and aren’t afraid to use their voice to give others the confidence to speak up. They’re confrontational, unapologetic and have created five melodic hardcore anthems that aim to empower and ignite social change.

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