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State Champs – Around The World And Back | Album Review

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding State Champs building up to the release of their sophomore album, but is it well deserved? Find out with our review of the new album.

State Champs Around The World And Back

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There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Albany pop-punks State Champs‘ new album Around The World And Back. Releasing a sophomore album always comes with a lot of pressure anyway, especially if their debut made as big an impression as The Finer Things. Now, prior to giving the album a listen we had only heard good things about the album but kept ourselves prepared for some disappointment anyhow because in this day and age, how original can one be in the pop-punk genre anyway?

With this new material, State Champs are by no means reinventing the wheel in any way, but they’re a fantastic reminder of why so many of us still stick around and get excited about an ever-saturating genre. The band had a fantastic year in 2014 and this one’s shaping up pretty solid as well. Now with the aptly titled Around The World And Back, their journey travelling the globe to infect the masses with their feel-good tunes sees no slowing down.

Here’s something many snooty rock fans may turn their noses up at, but the five-piece recently joined 5 Seconds of Summer on their Australian tour, and this new record highlights how the two really go hand in hand. Vocalist Derek DiScanio has a very clean style that’s not uncommon in pop music. Combine that with the fun melodies and endless hooks, the band are all set to brighten situations through their saccharine soundtrack. With All Time Low having received quite a bit of commercial success lately, it’s not a far stretch for State Champs to follow suit.

There is no denying that the band have fully approached a poppier side, but fret not they haven’t completely lost all their edge, as they confidently display with the likes of opening track ‘Eyes Closed’ and ‘All You Are Is History’. It’s fantastic the way you can, as a listener, progress from raising your hands high to a euphoric song to sway along to like the chilled vibes of ‘All Or Nothing’. The title track is an acoustic number featuring guest vocals from Ansley Newman of rising band Jule Vera. This specific track brings us back to State Champs‘ previous release The Acoustic Things, and honestly we’re a sucker for the way the two voices beautifully intertwine as they harmonise.

With the release of Around The World And Back, the band have upped the ante. All the time spent on the road has clearly helped them grow, resulting in the release of some of their best material to date. There’s no doubt this new record will take them to new, unexplored places so there’s only saying what we can expect from their next album. The journey for them has only just begun.

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