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Stand Alone’s Debut EP Reviewed By A Pop Punk Fan

Heavy rock band Stand Alone released their debut EP. We threw one of our pop punk writers out of her depth to see what she thought of it.

stand alone

Source: EP Artwork

As a fan of predominantly pop-punk music, I approached Stand Alone blindly (ironic given the lead single being called ‘Short Sighted’), knowing only that it wasn’t going to be something I would normally listen to. Here is a stream of consciousness review of my first listen.

It doesn’t take long for the screamed vocal to kick in in the opening track, the aforementioned single. But I am pleasantly surprised by the underlying music; the guitar takes a far more melodic approach than the vocals creating an interesting contrast between their beauty and the harshness of the vocals. There is, as is expected, a heavy breakdown right at the end, showing the music can fit the vocals.

The next track, while it does sound like a  different song, uses the same techniques, with added shouted gang vocals occasionally. By the time track three kicks in, I’m pretty certain I’m going to find nothing particularly new or exciting, although the singing does seem to take a more predominant role in ‘No Resurrections’.

It’s clear Stand Alone are a talented band, even to someone with little knowledge of their genre. The songs are well constructed, and finish very abruptly, which is the best way to end. Take out the screamed vocal and this is a band I could see myself listening to again. So, if you are into heavy rock with plenty of screaming and hard to understand lyrics, you should probably give this EP a listen.

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