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Spiders and Snakes – Year of the Snake | Album Review

Spiders and Snakes have released their new album Year of The Snake. Read here to see what we thought about the glam rock album.

Source: Album Cover

Spiders and Snakes are back with their new album, Year Of The Snake. The album features glitter-rock anthems and guest performances from Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Billy Sherwood (Yes), Rik Fox (Steeler), Bestsy Weiss (Bitch) and Ryo Okumoto (Asia). The band have pulled out all the stops and created a unique force of classic rock music.

Firstly, we are served with ‘Don’t Step Outta Line’, and if you like blue, old school rock, hell – they even have some jazz thrown in there too – many listeners will tune in to this album with this starting song.

Some amazing rock riffs are shredded from the off, each bar holds onto you with Lizzie Grey’s unique and somewhat estranged voice, some could say similar to Billie Joe Armstrong.

Next up is, ‘Too Angry’ which is a very reminiscent track of MCR’s ‘I’m Not Okay’, however this track speaks to everyone in a more upbeat way, of course it can be when its backed up by an incredible saxophone.

Their latest single is featured on the album also, ‘Kawaski City’. The track itself is a stereotypical old rock, out-on-the-town song. It was based on a true story; Tim Yasui (drummer/singer) had an unforgettable night at the club with Japanese punk metal band Dirtrucks. Probably one of their most catchy tracks, but we could also say it can be seen as a modern recreation of ‘Detroit Rock City’.

A disappointment however is ‘Neutron Baby’ we believe the bars sang do not seem to keep up with their committed speed and multitude of sounds. However if you’re one to favour the quirky sound, it might be one for you. The same can be said for ‘Drive Me Crazy’, the tracks don’t seem to hold much substance, although it may please the easy listener – there begins to be a slight sound of repetition as the album streams on.

‘Hey You’ starts off the section of love songs on the album, but again, not one of the best tracks to feature on the album. Although we can give Spiders and Snakes credit for stepping out of the stereotypical sound of love songs, and trying to provide an upbeat, alternative track it just doesn’t quite hit it for us. ‘Hello’ delves into the more typical love track, yet in typical rock style the track features some electrifying guitar backing. The same can be said for ‘Crazy’, which offers a catchy, raw rock tune, running on the same themes.

What may please fans is a cover of Divinyls Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore’, which carries on the same estranged sound that seems to run through Year of The Snake. But featuring a female vocal certainly compliment’s the unique vocals of Grey’s.

However the album does end on a song that offers some deeper sentiment ‘The Digital Church’. The song asks listeners to look inside themselves, and access themselves from their own point of view. Therefore we could say Year of The Snake offers something for everyone, whether you’re a rock fan or not. But we believe if you are into alternative rock, or old rock, Spiders and Snakes may be the band for you.

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