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Slipknot Destroyed Main Stage On The First Day Of Download Festival

Masked metal messiahs Slipknot absolutely crushed this years Download festival. See what we thought here.


Source: Danny North

Masked metal legends Slipknot left Donnington in awe on Friday after their biblical set at this years Download Festival.

The Knot headlined the first night of carnage this year and as per usual their performance was truly astounding. There was fire, boiler suits and a giant fucking goat head. It was epic. The nine played an amalgamation of tracks from their five studio albums: Self-TitledIowa, Vol 3All Hope Is Gone and of course their latest release, .5 The Grey Chapter.

Now fellow Downloaders, say what you will about the weather on Friday night, but you people who were in the pits know that the rain made everything all the better right!? Come on, heavy metal and torrential rain makes for one metal as hell evening. Rocking out to bangers like ‘Custer’‘Eyeless’ and ‘Wait and Bleed’ with your hair dripping down your face is just so fitting don’t you think?


Source: Gobinder Jhitta

Lead vocalist Corey Taylor has stated on many occasions that Download is like home for Slipknot, and for a good reason everyone went crazy. Seeing a heavy metal giant like Slipknot appear humbled in front of the horde of soaking wet screaming fans is really quite something. Corey’s reaction of: “Oh… my…. fucking…. god….” is something that sticks with you forever and the ear bursting screams afterword make your arm hair stand on end.

Highlights of the set definitely had to be the highly requested ‘AOV’‘The Heretic Anthem‘ and how could we not mention the notorious ‘Spit It Out’. All in all then, Slipknot once again proved themselves worthy of the headline crown in 2015. After their last slightly iffy Download appearance in 2013, Slipknot now seem to be in a really good place with their new bandmates, as well as the beautifully heavy new album. It doesn’t look like Slipknot are going to be quietening down any time soon then. That’s fine by us, we’re sure they’ll be back in Donnington in a few years, you guys should totally do something crazy like stick them in a tent under a false name or something. That would be so rad!

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