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Sleeping With Sirens – Madness | Album Review

Get ready for some internet chaos, because Sleeping With Sirens are back with their new album ‘Madness’. Check out what we thought of it here!

Sleeping with sirens

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There’s not many rock fans who don’t know the band Sleeping With Sirens. The post-hardcore 5-piece, whose signature sound features the high-pitched melodic bellow of vocalist Kellin Quinn, have gained quite the reputation of being one of the most talented breakthrough bands in the post-hardcore scene. If you don’t believe us, check their stats—their last album Feel is one of the highest charting post-hardcore albums of all time, reaching no. 3 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Sleeping With Sirens have done it all, a heavy album (With Ears To See, And Eyes To Hear), a soothing acoustic EP (If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack), and a pop rock infused one (Feel). And now Sleeping With Sirens are back with Madness, and as cliché as it sounds they’re about to change every opinion you have of them.

First track ‘Kick Me’ features a chaotic, punk-ridden melody, resembling that of their old sound, with some extra-added pop elements. Kellin Quinn switches between his effortless, smooth vocals, and a strained scream, providing the head-spinning track with the urgency and edge that Sleeping With Sirens are famous for delivering. Similarly, the punchy guitar from Jack Fowler, and newcomer Nick Martin in ‘We Like It Loud’ also suggests that, contrary to popular belief, these rock n’ rollers aren’t done with post-hardcore just yet.

Madness is an extremely varied album; from the American Pie inspired pop punk track ‘Go Go Go’, to the pop-acoustic underdog anthem ‘The Strays’, to the delicate pop rock ballads ‘Better Off Dead’, and ‘Fly’—which is pretty much all the great elements from Sleeping With Sirens’ previous albums mixed together. Madness definitely features some of their best work.

Upbeat pop track ‘Save Me A Spark’, and electro-pop-rock infused ‘Left Alone’ sound nothing like anything Sleeping With Sirens have done before, and the only give away is Kellin’s signature soft tenor. Positive, and massive pop-folk declaration ‘Gold’ is another (extremely catchy) surprise on the album.

Madness shows that Sleeping With Sirens are definitely breaking down the barriers between genres. Maybe it’s the influence of legendary producer John Feldmann (All Time Low, The Used, Four Year Strong) or maybe they just had it in them this whole time. But regardless of the reason, Sleeping With Sirens have definitely stepped up, and made an album that showcases just how multifaceted they truly are. Madness definitely provides an anthem for every SWS fan.

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