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Sixx:AM – Modern Vintage | Album Review

The third chapter of the tale that is Sixx:AM comes in the form of album Modern Vintage. Read our review to find out if we’ve given it our stamp of approval.

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We find the concept of side projects a little strange. When somebody is in a well known band, their other band is usually referred to as a side project. The title itself gives off the impression that it’s simply a hobby and it doesn’t measure up to the “original” band. Just us? Well, Sixx:AM is the so-called side project of Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx. The band are about to release their third album titled Modern Vintage. The juxtaposition in the title is interesting, and it’s appropriate to describe the album’s mixing of the old with the new. It has an overall stadium feel to it, that we almost can’t imagine the band not playing to massive sold out venues.

‘Stars’ is one of the most stand out tracks on the record, so good going for making it the opening track, as we’re hooked from the very beginning. It features a distorted guitar riff and what is possibly one of the most infectious choruses we have ever heard. If the track was just three minutes of this chorus, we’d still love it. To add, a mind melting guitar solo dominates the track’s bridge, encouraging some air guitaring on our end.

In typical Sixx:AM fashion, ‘Relief’ talks about finding light after a dark time: “And in a little while, all the noise in your head will fade away and you will find some relieving, yeah you will find some relieving, and in a little while, all the weight of the world feels like a light rain and you will find some relieving, yeah you’ll find some relieving.”

Speaking of vintage, ‘Drive’ is a cover of The Cars‘ 1984 song. The synthesiser is prominent in this euphoric ballad and definetely brings that modern feel to the table. The album closer ‘Before It’s Over has taken us by surprise and it sounds completely different to the rest of the album. It has a folky, country fair type of vibe. We’ve given this a few listens, trying to get used to it but honestly we’re still scratching our head wondering why this has made the record.

As a whole, Modern Vintage is pretty darn impressive. Up until the last track, we were convinced that (forgive us for quoting Sum 41) this album is all killer and no filler. Despite that last track, it’s still definitely worth your time.

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