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Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo – SBCR and Friends Volume 1 | EP Review

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo goes solo for brand new EP!


Source: Official Artwork

The Bloody Beetroots are one of the most hard-hitting, internationally acclaimed electronic outfits in the world right now, with their insanely heavy Electro and funky-ass fidget having an unmistakably unique tone to it. So when main-man Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo steps away from the outfit for a solo release, we can expect more of the same, can’t we? Apparently not. Is this a good or bad thing though?

With only five tracks in which to make an impression (if you don’t include the repeat of a track in instrumental form), the EP starts off with an electro-belter in the form of ‘Wrong’. Many would label this as simple EDM, to which they would not be far wrong, yet there is a deeper complexity here than is found in your standard big-room tune (the usage of more than one or two notes as a melody is a good start). However, it doesn’t do quite enough to pull itself out of the category but you can expect to hear this played at many of the big EDM festivals this year!

After a competent, but disappointing start, things start to get a little more interesting. ‘Vector’ and ‘Blush’ stray away from the electro sound expected into more glitchy sounds, with moments bordering on IDM. It’s a strange contrast to the standard 130(‘ish) BPM electro onslaught of the rest of the record and feels out of place. Perhaps a two part release would have helped make the record flow a little more easily. It’s by no means bad, but it just doesn’t fit.

It’s worth noting here that the ‘…and friends’ part of the title hasn’t really been discussed as of yet. For good reasons though. Even with guests such as Rahizel and Moon Bounce, the variation in production seems to bare very little influence from their guesting slots. In fact, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this as another release from Bloody Beetroots, the similarity is both welcomed and yet a huge disappointment, as it would have been cool to see what Sir Bob could do on his own.

So, to summarise, is this EP any good? Yes, it’s an excellently produced master-class in electronic music, but good production doesn’t always mean a good release. More electro and a little less glitch would have made for a much smoother state of affairs, as well as perhaps a little more influence from the guests on their tracks.

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