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Senses Fail – In Your Absence | EP Review

Post hardcore veterans Senses Fail completely contrast their previous 2015 album with the release of a mesmerising, emotion driven acoustic EP.

senses fail in your absence ep cover

Source: EP Cover

It’s pretty much impossible to be into rock music and not know who Senses Fail are, and for good reason. Fifteen years and six albums into their career, the post-hardcore giants are still owning the scene with their influential sound and outspoken lyrical content covering a range of social and political topics over the years. This time around, they have delivered something a little different for us. Coming off the back of their 2015 release Pull The Thorns From Your Heart which is one of their heaviest to date, In Your Absence is a five track acoustic EP.

Front man Buddy Nielsen admits the EP came about because they “thought it might be fun to try the opposite” of the last album – and it certainly is a contrast! Lyrically, the five songs are packed with emotion, as Nielsen says they were written “loosely about my wife’s battle with Multiple Sclerosis and the thought of losing her prematurely”. As ever, there is amazing lyrical artistry across the EP, and the stories behind the songs are truly brought to life by the band’s way with words, and all beautifully strung together with the acoustic backing.

Despite the heavy content, two out of the five tracks are upbeat numbers that will have you itching to tap and sing along to. The other three are mellower, showcasing Nielsen’s wonderful vocals. The title track in particular, highlights his soaring voice alongside beautifully mesmerising strings, whilst ‘Lost And Found’ plays with harmonizing throughout the chorus.  It would be so easy to get lost in a

It would be so easy to get lost in a full-length album of acoustic Senses Fail numbers, as the EP tracks are just as exemplary and flawless as everything else the band have released; they really can do no wrong! The more you listen, the better it gets. And honestly, who would expect anything less?

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