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Seething Akira – Aggro Vito | EP Review

Seething Akira are set to release their new EP, Aggro Vito this June. Check out what HTF thought of it inside.

Seething Akira Aggro Vito Album Cover 2014

Credit: Album Cover

There aren’t many really good acts that can deliver a Rock and Dance fusion. At present, the leaders are either getting on a bit, or disbanded altogether, so that leaves plenty of free space on the pedestal. Portsmouth’s Seething Akira are next to leap for the podium, but they aren’t going to reach it off the back of a 5-track EP, Aggro Vito.

Lead single ‘Firepower’ opens the short record with some beats, a bit of electro-enhanced guitars and an overemphasised regional accent that doesn’t spawn from the South Coast. The track just isn’t infectious enough, and that is so key to this genre. It feels like a carbon copy of a The Prodigy B-side, and is lacking the ammunition that the title warrants. ‘Backlash’ has a bit more whip about it, with some cleverly introduced dubstep adding to a rockier backbone, and the dark atmosphere of ‘Paralysed’ continues to generate some momentum. Then bizarrely, they put an end to their own material and the close with two remixes.

Seething Akira’s Aggro Vito isn’t long enough to cause a stir among the scene just yet. It’s no more than an extended single, topped up with the help of some friends, and that is not much of a taster. Put out a 6-track and give people something to chew on because at the moment, it’s unconvincing.

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