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Save Your Breath – Southampton Joiners – 28/1/15 | Live Review

Find out what we thought of Save Your Breath’s last show here.

Source: Ellie Mitchell

When you think of a funeral, the last thing you expect to see is a mass of fanatical teenagers thrashing their bodies in time to the blaring riffs that echo off the walls surrounding them. Sure, the dress code is dominated by black attire, but this isn’t your typical funeral.

Having broke the news to fans back in November, the turnout to Save Your Breath‘s the last goodbye is bittersweet, but what the crowd lacks in numbers, they certainly make up for in noise.

From the rowdy ‘Maps’ to the brash ‘Skin And Bones’, familiar classics see a torpedo of energy emerge as fans lose themselves in the atmosphere. Half way through the set, the five-piece tone things down with an acoustic ballad, before cranking the adrenalin up a notch with arguably their biggest hit ‘Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy’.

Source: Ellie Mitchell

As fans scramble to get in on the action, with a small but steady pit slowly forming in the centre, it’s easy to see why the band mean so much to them. They’re punchy, they’re boisterous and their songs have a tantalising ability to get half the crowd intoxicated within minutes of hitting the stage. Hey, that’s rock and roll, right?

As the haze of alcohol spreads over the crowd, the set ends as quickly as it began and just as you’d expect spirits are still in tact and the atmosphere remains high. In fact, it’s not so much a funeral, bug a night of celebration as we take a look back on what Save Your Breath have achieved in the past eight years. And my what a journey it’s been.

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