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Rufus – Atlas | Album Review

A review of the debut album ‘Atlas’ from Australia’s very own Rufus! Does it impress? Find out inside!

Source: Official Album Artwork

Deep-House music is becoming more commercial with each passing day due to the likes of Disclosure, Duke Dumont, Gorgon City, and Skream. This is bringing the genre out of the dark basement clubs and to the forefront of dance music.  Arenas worldwide are all getting down to the more soulful side of dance. Rufus are another prominent act to appear during this dance music craze, with their debut album ‘Atlas‘ having not long hit the shelves. Let’s see if it is hitting us deep inside!

If you are listening to this album in hope of heavy hitting energy, big drops and typical EDM like features, you’ve come to the wrong place. Opening track ‘Sundream’, slowly pulls us in to a sound that can only equate to that of being pulled into a warm bath of honey: smooth, sweet and sticky (although, it is a more ‘sticking in your head’ kinda sticky than the sticky of honey…). It is a beautiful start to the proceedings, with plenty of soul, floaty synths, tight rhythms, a solid kick, and a smooth, deep bass groove that is sure to flood many a dance floor this summer.

Second track ‘Take Me‘ is another beautifully crafted piece, with a very strong beach-party vibe. This track will probably see more than it’s fair share of circulation in Ibiza this year (and most deservedly so), with its delicate, yet funky grooves being infectious down to the core, teamed up with a smooth-as-silk vocal sure to get lips mouthing along.

Later in the proceedings come ‘Desert Night‘ and ‘Sarah‘. Both of which are stand-out points on the album. Fusing deep ‘n’ dark vocals with low-key synthesizers and an almost Daft Punk feel. (With this writer finding a strong likeness to DP’s deeper tracks such as ‘Veridis Quo’, and a slightly deeper version of ‘Instant Crush‘).

By the time you have finished listening to the album, you feel you’ve been on a journey. Rufus take you down many paths, but at no point do you feel that you have been forced from smooth pavements to gravel and pebbles. They may be new to the scene, but Rufus will soon be punching hard with the big boys of electronic music.

In short, this is possibly one of the best electronic albums of the decade so far (heard by this here writer) and is more than deserving of every minute of your time, from long car journeys, to nights in, to the chill out rooms, dance floors, and biggest parties of the summer.
We can see Rufus flowing from the sound system to a great reaction by many a crowd the world over. But with a debut album like this, it is going to be interesting to see what they do next! An absolute masterpiece.

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