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Rob Lynch Plays Warped Tour With A Full Band | Live Review

Rob Lynch plays this years UK Warped Tour with a full band but sadly battles some sound issues. Find out what we thought here.

Rob Lynch

Source: Graham Berry

Rob Lynch is a versatile performer who makes his songs work both full band and acoustic, but today the sound system wasn’t working in his favour. His voice got a little lost at times in the mix of electric instruments. You can’t fault the music or his efforts though. When you could hear his voice the emotion in it just gave off the same passionate vibe you normally have to listen to acoustics to find. The songs as a whole still achieved a folky sound aided by the fact that Rob still had his acoustic in hand.

Despite the hard job he had singing over instruments and playing to a crowd where a lot of people were just walking through on the way to main stage, Rob did well to engage the crowd. He even gets an impressive sing along going for his last song, ‘Hawking’. The audience don’t even need him to tell them what to do, just a simple “You’ll pick it up,” from Rob is enough, and by the end of the song the instruments drop out leaving the crowd to sing “No, no, no, it’s not the end of the world,” a cappella.

Rob Lynch does manage to create a great atmosphere, and even if the sound isn’t up to scratch, his performance still is.

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