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Roam – London, Garage – 18/07/14

We went along to see Roam, As It Is and Light You Up in London. Check out why they’re some of our favourite bands!

Credit: George Powell

So as many of you readers may know, Neck Deep have broken through the underground scene and are now looking at global success following the release of ‘Wishful Thinking’. But in the background of all this there is a strong wave of UK bands continuing to develop and building a strong following. One that’s leading the charge are Roam having created quite a buzz around themselves after the release of ‘Head Down’. Having previously supported Neck Deep’s UK tour, the 5-piece from Brighton embarked upon their own headline run with support coming from Light You Up and As It Is.

For those that have not heard of As It Is, they may be more familiar with the frontman, Patty Walters, who is one of Youtube’s content creators. Nevertheless, the band follow opening band Trash Boat who we unfortunately missed tonight and four of the five start with a quick intro before Patty jumps up on stage. They kick things off with infectious riffs and electric energy which immediately engages a sold out London crowd. As It Is deliver an intensely fast paced set showcasing the potential UK pop-punk has to offer. The band finish with ‘Can’t Save Myself’, which has been a huge hit on Youtube, collecting over 250,000 hits and it would seem many of these were accumulated by the crowd in London!

Credit: George Powell

Light You Up were up next, another 5-piece band hailing from Birmingham. These guys have been around a little longer than As It Is, dating back to 2012 with their ‘Broken Jaw’ EP release. However in that time they have been building up a loyal following from previous appearances at Slam Dunk Festival and tours with Decade and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! The key thing I noticed from their performance was the level of passion and emotion between the members on stage. Additionally the close rapport Tom Napier (Vocals) is able to create between him and the audience. Not quite satisfied with just the stage, Tom joins the crowd on numerous occasions as well as climbing on tables and the sound desk – at points you just didn’t know where to look! Overall, Light You Up are definitely a force to be reckoned with and I look forward to seeing them develop over the remainder of the year.

Credit: George Powell

Roam have been building quite buzz around themselves on the underground scene. Across the forums and Facebook groups all we’ve been seeing is ‘Who’s heard of Roam?’ and ‘Roam are sick!’. Having seen them once before supporting Man Overboard we knew that they were more than capable of standing in line with the likes of Man Overboard and Neck Deep, both of which they’ve recently supported, but we’re confident Roam have the potential to be flying the British flag for pop-punk for years to come! Of course by now the audience are warmed up and still reeling from Light You Up’s striking performance, yet they’ve definitely saved most of their energy for the headliners.

From the first word the crowd were climbing over each other looking for that few seconds of mic time! Also with Roam anticipating a bit of crowd surfing and stage-diving, they decided to bring a toy along for the crowd to play with – a bodyboard! Absolute mayhem! Fans were hanging off of the lighting rig and it wasn’t long before the board was snapped in half. Mid way through the set, Roam dropped the announcement that they were hitting the studio once the tour was done to record the follow up to ‘Head Down’…then treated us all to a new song! We can honestly say that this is one for the best underground/unsigned shows we have been to in a very long while which is very encouraging for the UK pop-punk scene! The band played out the sold-out London crowd with their hit ‘Head Rush’ but request a slight adaptation on their lyrics. Celebrating their newly developed relationships the band switch the lyrics ‘this one’s for you’ to ‘this one’s for Drew’ of Light You Up. Patty Walters comes in for the final few lines, the crowd invade the stage and it’s all over! Roam have proven that they are worthy of every bit of attention they receive and I cannot wait to see them develop over the coming years. They’re a force to be reckoned with!

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