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Rise Against – The Black Market | Album Review

Rise Against have released their 7th masterpiece, in the form of The Black Market. Check out what HTF thought of it here.

Credit: Album Cover

Rise Against have created their latest melodic punk rock masterpiece in the form of their new album The Black Market. Out now and being their 7th album, they have stuck true to their roots but experimented in style knowing their fans will follow them religiously down any musical path they choose to take. Their venture has proved successful resulting in an excellent balance of powerful lyrics, memorable melodies, heavy beats and raw riffs. Whilst they have always been a band to question the human condition and injustices of our world, this record is taken to a new level with a feeling of true personal introspective. There is a sadness being fought with a fiery passion throughout and it is terrifyingly yet exquisitely emotional to listen to.

The first song ‘The Great Die-off’ kicks off with a string instrumental, building a depth to the album that continues consistently, leading into vigorous, weighty cadency. The hard hitting track ‘Tragedy + Time‘ speaks almost directly to every listener who has ever undergone turmoil in their own lives, reminding them that life is worth continuing, a reoccurring theme throughout. A track (and first single release from the album) reminiscent of ‘Prayer Of The Refugee‘, classic of Rise Against is ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore‘ another song to release any angst or anger too. It is filled with the emotional ammunition as previously mentioned to tackle issues such as gun crime close to their roots in Chicago.

A Rise Against album is not complete without a heartfelt acoustic track which comes in the form of ‘People Live Here‘ on The Black Market. Similar to ‘Swing Life Away‘ and ‘Hero Of War’ though laid acoustically bare is like every track from this album, filled with passionate anarchy. There is irony dipped on the edge of each note, examining the state of our world’s affairs offering salvation in this madness. The title track ‘The Black Market‘ sets the scene with a slow vocal, then quickly kicks in with heavy drums. It highlights our addiction to sorrow but offers hope with a brighter outlook. ‘Sudden life‘ combines dramatic melodies and fast riffs. ‘Methadone‘ and ‘A beautiful Indifference‘ offers an older hint of the early days from RA, with more raw punk vibes.

Though many comparisons can be made to their earlier records, it is purely from a progression standpoint. This album holds a classic Rise Against sound intertwined with their influential directive, yet showcases a steady advancing musical maturity without being arrogant or unfaithful. Their music will always come to the listener at the exact point in life when it is needed the most. If there is a craving for music to stand for something, speak out, then this album cannot be recommended enough. Political punk rock at its very best.

Touring festivals globally this summer and with show dates in the U.S.A. then the U.K. later this year, The Black Market live is anticipated greatly by their loyal fans world wide, be sure to get down to the nearest show.

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