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Review: ZZ Top – La Futura (Album)

Read our thoughts on the new album from bearded legends, ZZ Top!

Band: ZZ Top
Release: La Futura (Album)
Release Date: Out Now

The bearded trio are back with their first album in nine years, ‘La Futura’. First things first, no, it’s nowhere near the level that the legendary ‘Eliminator’ was on – that was one of the meanest albums of it’s time. However, ‘La Futura’ still carries through ZZ Top‘s greatest traits; sleazy, bluesy, heavy riffs with growling vocals. It seems that nine years has done little to the band except whiten their beards a little perhaps.

First track ‘I Gotsta Get Paid’ kicks straight into the foot tapping riff that follows through into each track. They’re still a bit samey, but with these guys, it’s hardly an issue. It gets feet tapping, heads nodding and the imaginary guitar on the go and that’s all that matters in this case.

They’ve even chucked in a couple of slow ones, such as ‘Over You’, for all the old romantics out there. With the typical ultra-slow guitar, husky singing and heart-pulling lyrics, it’s pretty much perfect for any soppy biker trying to show their love without coming across as a wimp. It’s even got a twangy guitar solo which makes you feel like you’re trapped in a movie from the 80’s. It’s loving, but still sounds bad-ass.

The bluesy sound carries through the guitars, the vocals, the patterns, everything, whilst standing out with a hard rock edge. ‘Heartache In Blue’ even features a bit of old school harmonica – ace!

Basically, everyone has to like this, even if it’s just a teeny bit. Anyone who says that they don’t like bluesy sleazy rock is lying. Whether it’s for a classic rock fan or someone looking for some comfortable driving music, ZZ Top have fulfilled their wishes.


Reviewer: Jasmine Sevette



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