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Review: Wet Nuns – Broken Teeth (EP)

We listened to the latest EP ‘Broken Teeth’ from Yorkshire duo Wet Nuns. This is what we thought.

Wet NunsBand: Wet Nuns
Release: Broken Teeth (EP)
Release Date: Out Now

Wet Nuns are a balls out rock duo hailing from the north of England. These Yorkshire born rockers aren’t afraid to cause a bit of controversy and with a name like Wet Nuns you’d expect their music to be as in-your-face as the name. They don’t disappoint there.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Broken Teeth‘. Personally, we actually think this is one of the weaker tracks on the EP. Vocally, a lot of the other songs are stronger as well as it generally sounding a touch dated and quite ‘standard’. As you may have guessed, we didn’t get the best first impression form the EP, however, that wasn’t how it continued.

The next track was ‘All The Young Girls‘, under 2 minutes of balls out, grunge influenced riff fest that was reminiscent of bands like Motorhead, Death From Above 1979 and Queens Of The Stone Age. Much more intensity from the vocals which feels more natural along with the music and feels like the signature Wet Nuns sound. This is the stand out track on the EP for ua.

Feast‘ brings in some funkier guitar playing rather than the pure grunge stylings we’ve had before. Massive sounding guitars and driving drums throughout – this has hints of classic rock giants like Led Zeppelin all over it. It’s got bags of attitude, but in a different way to the others. It’s a nice change in style from the rest of the EP.

Finally we have ‘Laura‘, the longest track on ‘Broken Teeth‘ at just under 4 minutes. This is back to the signature Wet Nuns sound, but with some more experimental guitar sounds. The octave pedal effects on the guitar really fattens up the tone. We really want to see these guys live just to see if they can pull off such a fat, full sound live as a two piece.

Broken Teeth‘ is a very promising release from the Yorkshire duo, however the main test is going to be when they release a full length album. There’s plenty of potential for them to tap into a genre not often linked to British bands, however, it’s very easy for the music to become too similar. There’s a few hints of that on this EP, but also some nice diversity too so fingers crossed we’ll be writing a rave review about their debut album soon enough. The EP is a bit of a grower. On first listen, we weren’t the biggest fans, however as you listen back a few times you start to hear some of the little nuances that make bands like Queens Of The Stone Age and Death From Above 1979 great.


Reviewer: Ash Hughes

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