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Review: We Are The Ocean – Run Away (Single)

We review the new single from We Are The Ocean. Check out what HTF think right here..

Band: We Are The Ocean
Release: Run Away
Release Date: 18th July 2011

Post-hardcore rockers We Are The Ocean have released a softer single from the new album ‘Go Now and Live’. It’s definitely a lot calmer than their previously released material, but still carries traits of the typical WATO songs.

Vocalists Dan Brown and Liam Cromby still share spotlight, and it’s nice to hear Dan (primarily screaming) doing some softer vocals. They’re definitely coarse, but it sounds rugged and the mix of soft and rough sounds are both intriguing and different. It gives it that edge compared to other slower rock songs.

The song starts off very subtle, with faint guitars in the background, but it gradually builds up with the help of the rough vocals and more guitar/bass creeping in. Towards the chorus, it really builds up strength. It is a lot mellower than their previous tunes, but it’s no lullaby.

I found it unbelievably more-ish and listened to the single about eight times over. It’s got the same catchy lyrics that grab their fans from the beginning, so even though it is more gentle like than usual, everyone should still be pretty pleased. It worked for Architects and their single ‘Hollow Crown’, so who’s to say it won’t for We Are The Ocean?

Reviewer: Jasmine Sevette

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