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Review: We Are The Ocean – Go Now And Live (Album)

HTF rate the new album from We Are The Ocean. Check out what we though right here..

Band: We Are The Ocean
Release: Go Now And Live

The best way to describe this album is an addict able listen. Not at one point do you want it to end or do you want to turn it off, it just continues to excite and please you through out all of its ten tracks.

It has a completely different feel and sound to it compared to their previous album ‘Cutting Our Teeth’ but not at one point does this become a problem. Old screamer Dan Brown does not scream as often and he competes with leading clean vocalist Liam Cromby through out each song. It is such a good listen as their harmonies and voices sync together perfectly and the way they use each other for different singing parts in each track is genius. It is obvious that their vocal ranges differ so the final addition to each track is complete through out as they swap and change singing parts on every track on the album.

Stand out tracks are incredibly hard to choose, as every single track is such a blinder. After just a few listens, it becomes apparent that you are singing along to at least one verse, bridge or chorus out of the ten.

After already releasing two tracks of their album first being ‘What It Feels Like’ and second being ‘The Waiting Room’ we wonder how many more singles We Are The Ocean will give us from this masterpiece. Every track on this album could be eligible for a single release as each are both strong enough and deserve recognition for their brilliance and originality in them.

Concluding this to be arguably an improved We Are The Ocean is a matter of opinion. Some might say perhaps that they are a completely new band but definitely a damn good one! HTF give it definite thumbs up and 10 out of 10!

Reviewer: Steph Knight

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