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Review: Warbringer – IV Empires Collapse

Find out what we thought of the new offering from Warbringer!

Band: Warbringer
Release: IV Empires Collapse
Release Date: Out Now

Thrash metal is a term that’s thrown around lightly these days. From the edges of emo and post-hardcore, to heavy metal bands, the terms has been taken to use for any band with more scream than sing and a penchant for wearing dark clothing.

For ‘IV Empires Collapse‘, the fourth release of thrash-metal veterans Warbringer then, its interesting to see the band take a step away from their latest offerings to really focus on the basis of the genre. Its heavy, no doubt, but there’s a simplistic approach to the record at a time when bands seem to be competing against each other to produce a more aggressive record, regardless of its effect on the overall quality of the release.

After so many line-up changes, this being the debut release featuring guitarist Jeff Potts and bassist Ben Mottsman, ‘IV Empires Collapse‘ could be the sound of a band re-discovering their love of the music the band originated in. The record certainly plays like a labour of love, with no attention to detail spared.

Heavy hitting ‘One Dimension‘ perfectly balances jarring guitar riffs with vocalist John Kevill’s feral vocals. Similarly, ‘Hunter-Seeker‘ matches screams with fearsome drum beats, breaking only for a moment with piano keys just before the final tearing screech as the track reaches its conclusion.

Leviathan‘ brings in a more sophisticated approach, layering riff upon riff as the track builds to a Dragonforce-esque bridge.

Despite the hassles of member changes changes and personal problems which have plagued the band for the past few years, it seems that Warbringer have finally come together to create a record that hones in on the core elements of the thrash-metal genre. More of a return to the band’s roots than a step forward, but still solid offering from their new formation.


Reviewer: Natalie Gardiner

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