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Review: Trigger Effect – What’s Left To Eliminate? (Album)

The Trigger Effect will be releasing their new album ‘What’s Left To Eliminate?’ in a few short days, see what we thought of it here!

Band: Trigger Effect
Release: What’s Left To Eliminate?
Release Date: 27th May 2013

Keen to celebrate their reputation as a hard working, hard touring band, Canadian punks Trigger Effect have played over 500 shows in their eight years together. ‘What’s Left To Eliminate?’ is the band’s newest release, and will be their first available in the UK, through Dry Heave Records.

‘Genuine Emergency’ ensures that ‘What’s Left To Eliminate?’ starts with style, a minute of unbridled energy that grows, swirling into a sonic maelstrom. ‘Voracity Just Can’t Be Beat‘ and ‘A Quick Fix’ follow quickly in the same vein, before ‘Rope Of Guilt’ emerges with a fuzzy intro hardly in keeping with the previous track, but one that is effective and welcome.

The tracks meld into one another, keeping the live feel of the record going throughout. Vocalist Nick Babeu excels on the shorter, grittier numbers, which also gives guitarists Pat Bennett and Jordan Brown ample chance to thrash at their instruments with an almost reckless abandon. Fortunately, ‘What’s Left To Eliminate?’ is underpinned by a tight rhythm section, bassist Sergio De Silva and drummer Mike Niro ensuring that while chaos may be order of the day, it is presented on a plate with knife and fork rather than fired across the table from a cannon.

‘Everything He Once Loved And Held Dear’ arrives from leftfield. Where the preceding half dozen tracks feel as if they have passed in a heartbeat, a lengthy piano passage heralds an expansive, sprawling epic that shows the band’s creativity at its full potential. At just under five minutes long is the album’s longest track. Trivial of course in comparison to ‘Everything He Once Loved And Held Dear’s musical strengths, but noteworthy nonetheless.

After proving their expansive side, Trigger Effect plug back into full flow, charging through the album’s remaining songs with ease. A late highlight comes in the form of closing track ‘That Vital Force’, its dual guitars providing a brief reprieve, before falling back into a closing passage that is among the album’s heaviest moments.

There are excellent moments littering ‘What’s Left To Eliminate?’, which the band rattle through in less than half an hour. All eleven tracks are angry and discordant, the band melding their influences into something new with ease. There are moments reminiscent of Refused or The Bronx, but they are only moments, before the band spiral off to something different altogether.

‘What’s Left To Eliminate’ is a solid, modern, punk record that sounds as if it has been recorded by a British band. The sheen and lift that characterises much American punk is nowhere to be seen, instead drawing comparisons with the likes of Hawk Eyes or Empress.

It’s easy to imagine these tracks being shouted from a tiny stage, which is lucky, as Trigger Effect are heading over at the start of June. Go find them, it’ll be brilliant.


Reviewer: Dave Straw

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